Root Canal & Extractions

We are very aware of the bad reputation of root canal and tooth extraction procedures. However, we want you to know that the old and infamous reputation of root canals and dental extractions are irrelevant to today’s dentistry. So, if you have a toothache that is bothering you, don’t let old tales keep you from receiving proper dental care! Delaying treatment could lead to a much more serious dental health problem.

Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes those nagging toothaches will not go away and require professional attention. If this is something that you are experiencing, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Your symptoms could be the result of inflamed or infected tooth pulp. If left untreated, a tooth pulp infection could spread, and cause problems with your gums and other teeth.

The root canal procedure is used to remove the infected tooth pulp, and once the pulp is removed the empty pulp cavity is filled with a rubber-like substance to give the tooth strength. Either a temporary or a permanent crown will be placed over the tooth for added protection.

Tooth Extractions

While it is certainly our goal to keep your teeth healthy and in place, there are occasions that call for tooth extraction. The following are just a few examples of when tooth extraction is necessary:

  • Badly decayed teeth that cannot be repaired or saved by any other dental procedure.
  • Baby teeth that are preventing the adult teeth from growing in.
  • Teeth damaged beyond repair.
  • Wisdom teeth that have erupted from the gums and are starting to crowd the other teeth.

If any of the above conditions fit your particular dental condition, then you might be a candidate for tooth extraction or root canal therapy. Don’t live with toothache pain or bad teeth, but give us a call at Gulf Dental to see how we can help fix your problem and keep you healthy!